What is the difference between standard and floating piston?

The difference between a standard damper and a damper with a floating piston is that the standard damper needs to be mounted as illustrated below. This is because the standard type has a free stroke of 20% and does not have a floating piston. For example, if you want to mount the damper in a horizontal position, we recommend a damper with a floating piston. The floating piston ensures that oil moves along with the piston rod, so there is continuous damping.
Mounting: Vertically Deviation: +/-30 from axis

mounting position of a damper

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What is the difference between standard and floating piston? Find out more

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Gas Struts use a closed cylinder filled with nitrogen to generate compressive force. The nitrogen is under pressure and will always try to distribute this pressure evenly. The higher the pressure of the nitrogen, the more compressive force is exerted on the piston.


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