Blockable gas struts

A blockable gas strut is used in, amongst others, the furniture industry, the shipbuilding industry, the machinery industry and in rehabilitation technology. Do you want to replace a gas strut or are you working on a project which requires struts? SpringMasters can provide you with a gas strut solutions in various dimensions. Moreover, the force of most of the struts is easily adjustable. We can help you in the development phase to find the right strut force. Has the development phase been completed and are you ready to start production? SpringMasters can provide you with the appropriate product batch of gas struts.

AIf it concerns a blockable gas strut, this also means than an extra operating element is connected to it. We also offer various options here, from pedals to hand levers. A small tube is connected to aid in operating it, useful if the gas struts are located deep inside the application. We can offer this model in two versions. Rigid locking struts are adjustable in height but do not spring along any further according to the load. The elastic version does. The latter is found in desk chairs.

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We offer a wide range of gas struts. You can determine the cylinder and piston rod ratio. Then you can determine the length, as well as the product finishing and the compression force or the traction force. Various mounting options are also available, so that the gas struts fit your project in the best possible way. Our fast service ensures that you will receive your new gas struts and end fittings within several days.

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Blockable gas struts use a closed cylinder filled with nitrogen to generate compressive force. In contrast to gas struts and tension struts , blockable gas struts can be locked in any desired position. The higher the pressure of the nitrogen, the more compressive force the gas strut will provide.

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