Compression gas struts

Compression gas struts are a popular type of gas strut, used in anything from cars to furniture and machinery industries. You will recognise the gentle hiss of the gas struts as soon as your car boot opens. These compression gas struts are finely tuned for their purpose. They provide enough force, for example, to open the boot. But, at the same time, they have not been tuned too heavily so that you can then close the boot effortlessly. The fine tuning feature of gas struts is one of their big advantages.

SpringMaster offers a wide range of gas struts with different ratios between the piston rod and the cylinder. You tell us the desired length and connection parts. We will then fit your gas struts swiftly with rod ends, clevis forks and more. We can handle varying order sizes well. From a few single struts for a prototype to a complete production batch. All of this, combined with a complete and effective SpringMasters service, ensures a perfect end result.

What sort of gas struts are compression struts?

As the name implies, compression struts only compress. They are preferably in an extended position and provide force when compressed. The gas traction strut on the other hand, uses the same principles but in the opposite direction.

The essence of both gas struts is that they consist of a sealed cylinder with a piston. The gas or nitrogen in this sealed cylinder is pressurised. The amount of pressure determines the force of the gas strut. Compression gas struts have a small hole in the piston. The gas will always try to distribute itself equally with the lowest possible pressure. This is accomplished when the piston has been extended as far out as possible. The spring and compression effect occurs because the hole in the piston is relatively small. It is difficult for the oil to run from one side to the other which enables extra cushioning. This delays the out-flow speed so that the application does not get damaged.

A gas traction strut does not have a hole in the piston but has a hole at the bottom of the cylinder instead. The outside air can flow into the cylinder when the piston is drawn out. This pressurises the gas in the cylinder which results in an increasingly stronger opposite force. We at SpringMasters like to think proactively with you to determine whether you need a gas traction strut or a compression gas strut.

Which compression gas struts do we supply?

Gas compression struts have a wide scope of applications in various lines of business, hence we offer a wide range gas struts. We have suitable solutions for all applications with cylinder diameters between three and seventy millimetres. You determine the length of the cylinder and the piston. The mounting, too, can be achieved in several ways. The compression gas struts can be supplied together with various connection parts to match your application in the best possible way. We offer, for example, the following possibilities:

Frequent gas strut applications

Our various gas struts are suitable for various industries.

The furniture industry uses compression gas struts for products that need to be adjustable in height. Blockable gas struts are often used here. They can be adjusted by means of a handle or a button. Luxurious beds and desk chairs often use this. Our blockable gas struts are available in both the rigid and elastic versions. Thus we have suitable gas struts for all your projects. Elastic locking gas struts, that may be appreciated on a desk chair, will be less suitable for an adjustable table.

The shipbuilding industry also frequently uses traction and compression struts. Springmasters supplies stainless steel gas struts particularly to this line of industry.

Springmasters can also replace existing struts easily. With our extensive knowledge, we are able to work out the characteristics of the compression gas struts that need to be replaced. We have a list for various brands of sunbeds and the dimensions of their gas struts. New struts can be sorted out quickly at Springmasters.

Ordering compression gas struts from SpringMasters

We always do our utmost to help you in the best possible way. Irrespective of whether you need a single strut or a complete production batch, we make sure you get what you want. We do good business thanks to our extensive network as well as our customer minded approach. Our short delivery time and excellent price-quality ratio really impress our customers.

SpringMasters, the expert in the field of gas struts

Anyone requiring compression gas struts, dampers and more can certainly get them here. In addition to a wide range we also offer a very flexible approach. We can help you, especially if you do not know precisely how strong the gas strut needs to be. We fit the gas struts with a valve so that we can adjust the gas pressure, also after production. Thus, you can develop your prototype easily without having to order a new strut every time.

Have you found the correct pressure? We will ensure that you are also well supplied in the mass production phase of your product. Our flexible manner of working enables us to adjust our production from a few single units to an extensive production batch.

Allow us to convince you of Springmaster’s complete service and high quality. Contact us directly or order your compression gas struts, traction struts, dampers and more online. We offer a suitable solution for every project with our wide range of connection parts and brackets.

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Gas Struts use a closed cylinder filled with nitrogen to generate compressive force. The nitrogen is under pressure and will always try to distribute this pressure evenly. The higher the pressure of the nitrogen, the more compressive force is exerted on the piston.


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