A SpringMasters damper enables your equipment and vehicles to function optimally. We can offer you various diameters and you can determine the damper strength and length. We also have a wide selection of connection parts. Thus we have dampers for every situation. We offer professional advice and you can rest assured that our customer minded service will seek and find, with you, the best solution for your project.

SpringMasters has an extensive network of suppliers as a result of which we can take on both small and large orders. From a single damper to an industrial production batch. We will ensure that you will be supplied with the right damper.

Our dampers also offer many additional possibilities. For example, we can supply adjustable dampers for the prototype phase of your design. Thus the dampening intensity in the cylinder can be adjusted to increase or decrease the cushioning effect of the damper. Have you found the correct values and will the prototype continue on to the production phase? Then we will ensure that the dampers are made exactly in accordance with your determined specifications.

We have all the professional knowledge at SpringMasters to make various kinds of dampers.

What does a damper do?

As the name indicates, dampers are used to absorb sudden thrusts. They convert the thrust into heat and decrease the impact on the rest of the application.

EA damper does this with the aid of a cylinder which is almost entirely filled with hydraulic oil. The cylinder contains a piston which is connected to a piston rod. The piston contains a few small holes. The ideal damping intensity can be achieved by adjusting the diameter of the holes and the viscosity (thickness) of the oil.

What are dampers usually used for?

Dampers are used on a large scale in the automotive and machinery industries. Our models are geared more to the latter category. They decrease the vibration in large equipment and ensure that heavy equipment can be used properly. They can be found in almost all machines with moving parts whereby they dampen any excess movements. This prevents wear and tear and enables a long lifespan.

SpringMasters ensures the dampers can be put to use quickly and effectively. To this end we offer a broad and practical selection of connection parts and brackets. Due to our clever design, the damper is suitable for numerous situations. You can state the exact length of the required cylinder and the piston stroke. A different connection part can be mounted at each end. The following connection parts are available:

SpringMasters’ complete service

We ensure that you will receive the best product with each gas strut and damper. Here, the choice plays a central role. The above-mentioned connection parts are examples of this. In addition, and if required, we also offer end fittings. They are geared to numerous situations. Good examples are the light weight plastic mounts and brackets. Useful if your project’s total weight has to be low.

In addition to dampers, we also have a wide range of gas struts. The technology behind them is similar to that applied to gas compression systems and pistons, but with a few small holes. The final result is a tailor-made gas compression or traction strut. You simply choose the piston/cylinder ratio and then add the length and the desired force. The connection parts can also be selected on the spot. The dimensions of the parts are immediately visible. With all this information you will know, up to the millimetre, how long the gas strut or damper has to be.

Furthermore, you can select a few useful extra properties for your damper. Does the damper need to dampen only the tensile force, or the compression force, or both? We can also make sure that the damper continues to work at high temperatures. The standard model is suitable for -30 to 80 degrees Celsius. The heat adjusted version increases the upper limit to 200 degrees Celsius. In addition, we can supply the cylinder, the piston and the connection parts in stainless steel. Our complete service has taken everything into consideration.

SpringMasters for gas struts, dampers and more

Our fast, effective service and in-depth professional knowledge ensures that you receive a high quality damper. Our swift delivery term ensures that you will always have the correct products when required even if you scale-up your production. We can help you during the prototype phase with professional advice, right from the moment you decide you need a gas strut or damper. Our flexible process and network of suppliers ensure that we can handle orders of whatever size. Complete production batches or just a handful of gas struts or dampers; SpringMasters will get on with it.

WWe would be happy to tell you more about our services and products. You can place an order online easily for a customised gas strut or damper. Your new items will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

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We can supply you with replacement dampers for the most diverse types. Dampers that are often used in agricultural vehicles, machines, overrun brakes and the automotive industry.

Instelbare dempers

|Adjustable dampers

This type of damper is ideal if it is not yet clear exactly what the damping intensity of the damper should be. These dampers can be adjusted entirely according to your needs.


|Vibration dampers

A vibration damper prevents damage, increases safety for people and absorbs sound.


|Door dampers

bescherm en blokkeerpijp voor gasveren

The double-sided damping damper has been specially developed to prevent doors from suddenly opening and closing in strong wind and storm. This prevents a lot of damage to frames and doors.


Other types of gas struts

Gas struts

Gas struts

Traction struts

Traction struts

Blockable gas struts

Blockable gas struts

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